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We create custom digital spaces and experiences, transforming boundaries and defined appearances. Each metaspace is loaded with a feeling, uniqueness and the opportunity to be transported.

Discover unique 3D environments where interactive video, customizable avatars, social networking and live streaming come together to create your undefined, unrestricted metarealm.

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SpaceTo is a company that understands the need for corporations to shift to the metaverse world to engage desired audiences.

SpaceTo strategically connects brands with prospects within the metaverse by creating immersive spaces.

By designing custom metaverse spaces, supports personalized collaboration, drives virtual engagement, and monetizes metaverse events using cryptocurrency and the NFT market. With the passion to create each metaverse space and event uniquely, continually morphs to offer continuous innovation and provide added value to each exclusive, corporate metaverse.

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Designed for you

Experienced by the Metakind

  • Solutions

  • Showrooms

  • Museums

  • Launches

  • Awards Shows

  • Tradeshows

  • Live Concerts

  • Services

  • Design

    Customised, aesthetic 3D environments

    Custom worlds

    Custom avatars

    Branded spaces and assets

    3D Objects

    Buildings (Decentraland, Roblox, Sandbox, Spatial)

  • Strategy & Creative

    Immersive worlds created specifically for your brand

    Brand audit and consult

    Strategy objectives defined

    Creative direction

    User journey mapping

  • User Access

    Simplified accessibility

    Browser-based (no hardware/software required)


    Public or private spaces

    Web 3.0 ready

    Optimised user journeys

    Cross-device friendly

    Spatial web experience

  • Virtual Engagement

    Personalized Interactions


    Live interactions

    Social Networking

    Targeted personalization

  • Delivery

    Larger, frictionless audience reach

    Custom content delivery software

    Live HD Streaming

  • Features

  • 3D Spatial Audio

  • NFT Integration

  • Media Broadcast

  • Voice Chat

  • Multi-Platform Access

  • Customizable Spaces

  • Custom Avatars

  • Private Spaces

  • 3D Assets

  • Live HD Streaming

  • Low Latency

  • High navigation & spawn speed

  • Optimized Experiences

  • Privacy Protection

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  • MCH Global

    "SpaceTo has been very efficient in responding to requests and queries as well as providing technical guidance. The team at SpaceTo are true metaverse enthusiasts who understand the power of this exciting new frontier.

    They understand the needs of agencies and brands, not only from a technical point of view but also from an experiential one."

  • Middle East Event Awards

    "The SpaceTo team always brings something new and innovative to our shows. The immersive, interactive metaverse environment was a huge hit at our show this year. Event professionals engaging and networking within the metaverse came at a good time when we as humanity need to connect within our communities more than ever.

    Watching attendees engage within the metaverse live on stage was exhilarating and people are still talking about it. From me and my team, we truly appreciate everything you delivered to make our show such a success.”

  • Eventagrate

    “SpaceTo not only created an aesthetically pleasing metaverse space, but the optimization of the user experience was key in facilitating a seamless user journey which prompted longer engagement within the platform.

    The high-speed navigation and spawning into areas within this platform allowed healthcare professionals to network and share experiences with ease."

  • Eventagrate

    “The Metaverse world solves the challenge of geographical restrictions allowing global presence for brands. SpaceTo delivered Eventagrate’s Metaverse with careful attention, to design a variety of immersive, creative spaces for the event industry. They kept a minimalist look and feel of the brand and the openness in the architecture gave breath to the overall venue.

    The work was beyond spectacular. Not only were these spaces beautifully designed but each section was given such detail and the useability was optimized and enhanced to provide users with the best possible user experience. Thanks to SpaceTo we can showcase these spaces to our customers, allowing them to experience the metaverse and envision what is possible for them to create within this space.”



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